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The Back and leg stretch is a good way to strect bot the muscles in the inside of the legs (adductors) as well as giving general spine mobility.

As well as the individual effects from both the back and legs it also helps the entiresystem ansd creates hip mobility.

start of back and leg stretch

Starting Position:
  • Sit on the floor with your bottom pushed against a wall.
  • Have your legs flat on the floor with feet a comfortable distance apart.
  • Start with your toes pointed forward and out.
  • Hands on knees or a comfortable position on your legs.

End of back and leg stretch

The Exercise:
  • Take a deep breath.
  • While slowly exhaling, move your hands down your legs toward your toes. This should extend to the maximum range.
  • Hold the position and take another deep breath.
  • Repeat while slowly exhaling gradually advancing your hands further down toward the toes.
  • repeat this ten times.


As variations to this stretch, it becomes more difficult and the stretch moves more to the legs if it is started with the toes not pointed but the ankles pointing back (or flesed). As this stretch becomes easier you should widen the legs.

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