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The lunge is a great exercise to strengthen quadriceps, knees and strengthen and stabilize the hips.

Start in a position where your right heel touches the inside of the left foot, your right knee should be looking to the right.

Take the right leg out diagonally in a wide stance and lower the hips to come into a lunge position. This will bring the bent leg in a 90-degree angle. Allow the back leg to stretch out with your foot and heel on the floor.

Bring both arms to stretch in front of you next to your ears. The body now is in one straight diagonal line from the fingers down to the heel of the back leg.

Hold this position for 5 counts then push up from your right bent leg and take the leg diagonally behind you, do a curtsey taking the body down.

Push up and come to standing third dance position. Repeat 3 times with each leg.

Do not allow the knee to go beyond the toes; keep the knee in line with the ankle when in a lunge position


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